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Aksesoris Listrik Current Transformers HG 120 4000 5A Uk 122x52 40VA Class 0.5
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02 Nov 2016
1 e.g unit
IDR 550.000

Specification of

LV Current Transformer

     CT HOWIG Window type designed for use meter with high accuracy class.
     Can be used for a wide variety of analog and digital metering.
     CT HOWIG designed and manufactured in accordance with standard IEC 60044-1.
     Quality guaranteed by testing done one by one before it is marketed.
     Insulation Class: E, Frequency: 50-60 Hz, casing material: Polycarbonate (PC) and does not propagate fire.
     Special orders can be met for the accuracy class: 0.5 S, 0.2 S and 0.2 and the ratio for CT ... / 1 A.
     Name plate with a laser print on 3 sides of the surface.

* For the needs of CT with a ratio below 50 / 5A (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 / 5A) please contact us.
* For the needs of CT ... / 1A please contact us.
* For protection CT requirements please contact us.

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