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Power Factor Correction - Harmonic Blocking Reactor

    ICAR harmonic bloking reactors are made of high class transformer sheets and aluminium or copper coils. They are fully manufactured at our premises, dried and impregnated in a vacuum with environmentally-friendly, low - styrole resin which ensures high voltage withstand low noise levels, and enjoy a long operating life
    Applicable standards CEI-EN 60289
    Rated voltage from 230VAC up to 700VAC
    Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Tolerance of inductance + 5% ( mean value across three phases )
    Linearity I lin = 1,6 --- 2,0 In ; Insulation ( Winding core ) 3kV
    Temperature class F ( 100°C ) ; Ambient Temperature 40°C ; IP00 indoor mounting
    Humidity 95% natural cooling ; three phase design, iron core double air gap
    Winding material aluminium foil/copper wires ; Impregnation polyester resin, class H
    Switching temperature 140°C ; all reactors are provided with a separate screw terminal for the temperature switch ( opening switch ) which is located inside every coil
    Reactor 10 kVAR ; L =4,2 mH ; 17A ; size 205x181x79mm ; 7,7kg ; 450V / 12,5kVAR ; 196 uF

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