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Kapasitor ICAR CRTE -100208 - 25 - 525
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11 Mar 2019
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Specification of

Power Factor Correction - Three Phase Capacitors

                            ICAR S.p.A periodically takes part to CEI/IEC committees for the compilation of the product regulations, aimed at setting of the objective criterions to evaluate capacitors performances and safety. Quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard
                            CRTE is the last generation of ICAR polypropylene metallied film capacitors
                            Three phase windings delta connected capacitor banks. self - healing design
                            Rated power from 2,5kVAR up to 50kVAR
                            Rated Voltage : 230VAC, 415VAC, 450VAC, 525VAC, 690VAC, 750VAC, & 800VAC
                            Rated frequency : 50Hz & 60Hz
                            Life time : 130.000 operating hours ( hot spot 50°C ), 100.000 operating hours ( hot spot 55°C )
                            Over pressure safety device which prevents the capacitor from explosion at the end of its service life
                            Dry technology , as the capacitor is filled with resin, there is no risk of leaking oil or gas, PCB / Halogen free & Fire Retardant
                            Touch proof terminals for terminal board design ( IP20 protection degree )
                            Applicable standards IEC 60831 - 1/2
                            Capacitance tolerance -5% + 10% ; Over current 2In ( including harmonics ) ; Maximum inrush current 200 In ; Insulation level 3/15kV
                            Dielectric losses <0,2W/kVAR ; Temperature class -25/D ; Permissible humidity 95% ; Included discharge time < 3 minutes to 75V or less ; Indoor installation

3 Phase Power Capacitor - 50 Hz, CRTE Type

                        CRTE10020820052 20 kVAR 100mm x H 208mm

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