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Lampu Hemat Energi Socomec Fuserbloc Direct front operation 3P 400A 36153039 - 36297901
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IDR 5434000.00

Specification of

Description : Fuserbloc Are Manually Operated Multipolar Fuse Combination Switches. They Make And Break On Load And Provide Safety Isolation And Protection Against Overcurrent For Any Low Voltage Electrical Circuit.

Spesification Socomec Fuserbloc 3P 400A - Direct Front Operation :

    Size  : 10 X 38Mm
    Available:  50A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A, 800A,1250A

Advantage Socomec Fuserbloc 3P 400A - Front :

Improved Safety
• Complete Isolation Of The Fuse With Double Breaking Per Pole (Top And Bottom Of Fuse).
• Positive Break Indication.
• Ip2x Protection With Terminal Shrouds Front Panel.

High Breaking Capacity
Protection Against Overloads And Shortcircuits Thanks To High Breaking Capacity Fuses (100 Ka Rms).

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