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MCB atau Circuit Breaker Lovato DME D100 T1
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17 Jan 2017
1 e.g unit
IDR 800.000

Specification of

Energy Metering ( Modulator - kWh Metering )

    Connection to single, two, three phase systems
    High accuracy measurement
    Available with Dirct and CT connection
    Mechanical energy meters with pulse output
    Digital energy meters with pulse or RS485 communication
    Multi - measurement function in digital energy meters ( Phase, phase to - phase voltage, current, frequency, active - reactive - apparant, power active - reactive energy, power factor values, etc )
    Sealable terminal cable included


    kWh meter 1 Phase, direct 40A 220-240VAC 50/60H, class 1, 5+1 LCD Display, 1 Modul, 1 pulse output
    ( DME D100 T1 )

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