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Panel Meter Lovato ATL 600
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20 Jan 2017
1 e.g unit
IDR 3.400.000

Specification of

Automatic Transfer Switch Controller

            Automatic transfer controller ATL 600 / ATL 10 is used for the automatic load switching from the MAIN LINE to SECONDARY LINE
            Programmable automatic or manual control for contactors, motorised circuit breakers and changeover switch
            Measurement inputs for three phase + neutral voltage, also suitable for 1 and 2 phase lines
            Display LED for ATL 10, LCD Graphic Display 128x80 pixel LCD for ATL 600
            Event log and alarms
            6 programmable digital inputs, 7 programmable relay outputs
            Viewing of L - L and L - N voltage values of the controlled lines
            Compatible with Synergy software

Control Functions Of The Lines

            Phase sequence and phase loss
            Minimum and maximum voltage
            Voltage asymmetry
            Minimum and maximum frequency


            Automatic transfer switch controller with LCD graphic display, Panel Mounting 144 x 144mm, Aux. Supply 100 - 240 VAC

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