Socomec Atys P Type Automatic Changeover Switches 4P 1000 A (95734100)

Rp. 126,335,000
Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
Minimum Order
1 e.g unit

Specification of Socomec Atys P Type Automatic Changeover Switches 4P 1000 A (95734100)


ATyS P is a range of three-phase automatic changeover switches with positive break indication.

They incorporate all the functions offered by the ATyS g, as well as functions designed for

power management and enabling communication.

In automatic mode they enable the monitoring of, and the on load changeover switching

between, two power supply sources, in accordance with the parameters configured via

pushbuttons and an LCD screen.

They are intended for use in low voltage power systems where interruption of the load supply is

acceptable during transfer.


Recording of events

ATyS p switches enable effective monitoring of your installation thanks to timestamped event recording.

Events can be retrieved and read via the

communication system.

Optional communication modules

The ATyS p offers communication functions thanks to the addition of optional modules,

such as the RS485 module for Modbus communication or the Ethernet module, which includes a Webserver.

Configuration software

Software (Easyconfig) is available enabling the ATyS P parameters to be easily configured and the existing configuration to be saved.

Power measurements

ATyS p products are particularly suited to energy management and monitoring.

In addition to their integrated power and energy measurement functions, programmable inputs/outputs can be utilised to control load shedding based on a load level or tariff.

Generator periodic startup programming (option)

ATyS p switches offer additional functions for maintenance. They include the programmed generator starting function which allows the starting dates and operating times to be configured.

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