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Vm1 4P 125 A Socomec Change Over Switch (Cos)
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15 Oct 2016
1 e.g unit
IDR 2.766.000

Specification of

Description : Sirco Vm1 Changeover Switches Are Manually Operated Three Or Four Pole Changeover Switches With Visible Breaking.
They Provide Changeover, Source Inversion Or Switching Under Load Between Two Low Voltage Power Circuits, As Well As Their Safety Isolation.

Advantage Socomec Change Over Switch (Cos) Vm1 4P 125A : 

Safety Isolation
Sirco Vm1 Changeovers Enable Completely Secure Switching Thanks To Positive Break Indication And Double Visible Breaking. The User Can Assess The Condition Of The Device Either During A Preventive Check Or Before An Operation.

Modular Device
Sirco Vm1 Changeover Switches Offer A Range Of Installation Configurations: Din Rail, Backplate Or Modular Panel.

Reduced Depth
With Its Side-By-Side Switch Arrangement, The Sirco Vm1 Changeover Can Be Utilised In Panels With A Reduced Depth.

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